This is Kunstkode

Kunstkode was created by Sheila Mara. Designer and photographer, Sheila believes in fashion as an instrument of expression, as a way of stating one’s authenticity and as an alternative for promoting diversity. The exclusive value of her creations is therefore based on the concept of bringing creativity, freedom and art into daily life. Kunstkode’s concept brings together the value of graphic design and photography into the world of fashion. Making use of digital technology, these two artistic languages are combined and extrapolated, ultimately becoming the secret language of its garments. And this is how pieces of art take their place on streets – on the body of those wearing them. Kunstkode’s proposition is to render style to individuality. Thus, each individual creation is unique in the way it combines colors and sizes as well as in the way it fits artwork to the final cut of its garments. Moreover, a maximum of five pieces are tailored with the same artwork, each one assured to be unique in its stylistic variance. Kunstkode takes in several multicultural, personal and professional references from Sheila Mara. These tell stories of how her artistic career developed through Brazil, Austria and Italy. Kunstkode’s exclusive manufacturing is entirely Made In Italy, more precisely, Florence.